Twitter's dark mode needs some major fixing

Apr 16, 2019

An increasing number of apps and websites have been introducing dark modes to their interfaces, and I greatly appreciate this. It's better for your eyes, and uses less battery too. However, Twitter's implementation has some serious flaws which need to be fixed ASAP.

Below is an image consisting of screenshots of various elements from the website when in dark mode. Note that the color composition hasn't been edited in any manner, and neither has the scaling.



Do you see the problem? The elements aren't visible properly, and it's impossible to tell when something is clickable or not. I have normal vision, and even I have a hard time using this website. I can't imaging how much harder it is for someone with vision impairments.

I've tested on both Firefox and Chrome, and the issue persists.

Dark mode is supposed to be easy on the eyes - but Twitter's is anything but.



Here are some screenshots with context. Try figuring out what is clickable and what isn't without looking at the graphic above.