People don't care about their privacy. Apple can change that.

Feb 16, 2019

People just don't seem to care about their online privacy.

...even if they used to, they've just given up at this point.

This is scary. But you also can't blame them. Your privacy is not something that you should have to fight for. 

Last week I was sitting next to someone in class when I saw them use Facebook Messenger. I pointed out that Facebook doesn't respect your privacy[1][2] and tracks you, to which they replied "Yeah, but so does everyone else".

And that's not something that I can argue with. 

Everything tracks you. Your phone, the apps you use, the ads you see, the websites you visit, the "smart" devices in your home...

However, it's not too late to fix this. The reason people don't appear to care about their online privacy anymore is because they don't expect to have any in the first place.

In my opinion, if you want people to care about their privacy, you make them realize that it's something that they already have, but are rapidly losing. You make them value it. And then no one will be able to take it away.

I'd argue that for this to ever happen, you need a company that respects the privacy of their consumers, and also has an incredible amount of influence, both on people and the tech industry in general.


...That's right. Apple.


Now there's quite a bit that I don't like about Apple as a company. But no one can deny that they're incredibly committed to their users' privacy[1][2][3][4]. More so than pretty much any other large tech company.

They can use this to bring about a revolution. Their commitment to user privacy is one aspect of their devices and products that they should really advertise. Make noise about it. Shout it out from the rooftops. They want to sell you their hardware, so it's a great marketing pitch for them in any case.

Undoubtedly, other companies will follow suit. They almost always do, when it comes to copying Apple[1][2]. They too would work towards more secure devices that respect the fundamental rights of their consumers, because that's what the consumers will want and demand.

And boom. It'll be the start of an era. One where privacy matters, and is something that masses care about. What I'm basically saying here is that Apple is the best company to (and possibly only that can) kick it off.

And I get that this perhaps comes off as overly optimistic, but we can't give up hope, right?