Jan 05, 2019

Here's some cool stuff I like, that you might want to check out:

Super User - My go-to site for hardware and software questions. Some amazing content on there. Check out my answers.

WebCite & - Instant web content archival

Talk About IT! - A blog from a fellow Super User

miniProxy - A really cool proxy script that often comes in handy when I want to access blocked resources from restricted networks quickly

Bludit - This blog is powered by (a somewhat modified version of) this CMS. - lots of fascinating old tech stuff. - really cool GeoCities archive. Lots of amazing retro web content on here. - I have no idea why I made this. I guess I intended it to be my version of rickroll or something. Most modern browsers disabling audio autoplay onload kinda ruined it.

tor2web - Browse the TOR network over the clearnet. - A really cool JS script to speed up website loading times

Learn X in Y minutes - Handy programming cheatsheets

Articles :

(Stuff written by me)

Emoji and cmd.exe

Getting started with compiling C/C++ projects on Windows

Command-line arguments on Windows

Using diskpart to quickly reformat corrupt drives

WebDev: How can I preemptively load a web page or resource?

Get source code of webpage including dynamic modifications

Reaching a device in my LAN from the Internet

Nearby electronic devices turn off laptop's display

Which Windows 10 recovery option should I use?

Is there a license which prevents misuse of the source code?

What is the netiquette for forking other people's open source projects?

How can I determine if a student would enjoy or has an aptitude for CS?

What is the practical advantage of a higher refresh rate?

How to manually install Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows?